Please check your phone/tablet settings to make sure that you are connected to your 2.4 GHz WiFi network.  If you are not sure what your router’s output signal strength is, please contact your internet provider.

Next, make sure your device is in close range to your WiFi router. Turn the power button on the side of the stake on (so red light illuminates).

The Wi-Fi button on the top of the stake (under the plastic shield) should have a blue LED light flashing quickly when you are initiating connection.

Please follow below steps to initiate blue flashing LED light:

Press Wi-Fi button once to turn on (Red LED).

Press again to turn off.

Press and hold for more than 10 seconds and release once blue LED is quickly flashing.

If the Red light comes back on steady, press and release the button and the Blue light should start flashing quickly.

Once blue LED light is flashing, please open the CE Smart App, click add device, outlets/plugs, confirm Wi-Fi LED indicator is rapidly flashing, and then enter the password for your 2.4GHz network (case sensitive). Confirm to connect your device. While connecting, it is normal for the blue LED to stop flashing.