In the App, click on the “profile” tab, then click on “Home Management.”  Click on the household that you wish to share control. From there, you can add members to have control of that home’s devices.

To Add a Home Member: Click “Add member” and fill in details; enter the user name of the CE Smart App User (phone number or email address) that you’d like to share home control. Click “Completed” in upper right corner when finished.  When sharing your home, any new devices added to that home will automatically be shared with Home Members. If you choose to set the user as an administrator, they will be able to add/remove devices to that home as well as have the ability to create groups with the shared devices.

On shared account’s device, they will need to go to “Home” tab on the left bottom panel, and click in the upper left corner to choose the name of your home to view and control your shared devices.

If you’d like to share only certain device(s), under the “Home” tab, click on the device you wish to share, click the “edit” pencil icon, click “Share Device” then “Add Sharing” at bottom. Enter the CE Smart app account username of user you’d like to share device with and tap “Completed.”