Please follow below instructions to reset your WiFi Outdoor Stake to manufacturer settings. Once the LED light (under the plastic shield) on the Outdoor Stake begins flashing, the device is reset and ready to be reconnected or put away for future use.

If your Outdoor Stake is connected to the CE Smart App, please follow below instructions:

-Open CE Smart App

-Click on device you wish to reset

-Click on three dots “…” or pencil edit icon in upper right corner

-Scroll to the very bottom and click “Restore Manufacturer Defaults”


If your Outdoor Stake is not connected to the CE Smart App, follow the below steps to initiate blue flashing LED:

Press WiFi button once to turn on (Red LED).

Press again to turn off (Blue LED).

Press and hold for more than 10 seconds and release once blue LED is quickly flashing.

If the Red light comes back on steady, press and release the button and the Blue light should start flashing quickly.