First ensure you have connected your devices to the CE Smart App and they are listed in the “Home” tab device list. If you need assistance with this step, please visit the FAQ regarding connecting to your specific device.

After adding devices in CE Smart App, prior to connecting to Google Home, we recommend giving your devices simple names you’d like to use when controlling via voice commands. For example: Kitchen Lamp, Bedroom Dimmer, iPad charger.

Once your device is connected in the CE Smart app, follow below steps:

• Open the Google Home app on your phone 

• Tap the Devices tab
• Tap (+ Add device) or the (+ Add) button
Click the “Works with Google” option (ensure you are not tapping "New Devices") 
• Search for “CE Smart” and look for the below icon, which is our logo. 
 Simply click CE Smart and select to Link.  Ensure you are entering your correct CE Smart App Username/password (case sensitive) when prompted. If you aren't certain of your CE Smart App username or password, please contact us for assistance. Confirm/authorize to link.
• Once linked, the devices should automatically populate in the Google Home App. You will then be able to use the Google Assistant to Voice Control your smart home devices. 

Please ensure you are calling the devices what you’ve named them in the CE Smart App when asking the Google Assistant to control them. For example, “Hey Google, turn on kitchen lamp”