First ensure you have set up and connected your devices to the CE Smart App and devices are listed in the “Home” tab device list.

After adding devices in CE Smart App, prior to connecting to Alexa, you will want to give your devices simple names you’d like to call them when using voice commands. For example: Kitchen Lamp, Bedroom Dimmer, iPad charger.

After connecting your CE Smart Devices, you will need to set up your Echo. If you’re already connected to your Echo, skip this step.

  • To set up your Echo, plug it into the wall. Download and open the Amazon Alexa App, create a new account or sign in. Click the menu icon in the top left of the Alexa menu and click add device. Select your type of echo and tap “continue.” On the top of your echo device, Long press the dot button until the orange light shows. Tap continue.
  • Next, go to your WiFi settings and connect to the “Amazon-xxx” WiFi. Go back to the Alexa app. Click continue and then select your WiFi network you’d like to connect the Echo to. Enter the corresponding password and click connect. It will now say “preparing your echo” and may take a few minutes to set up. Echo will announce when set up and ready.

Once your Echo device is set up, to connect your devices to the Alexa App follow these steps:

  1. Click on the menu icon in the top left in the Alexa App
  2. Click “Skills & Games
  3. Search for the “CE Smart” skill and enable—ensure you are typing in your CE Smart App account user name and password. Log in and Authorize. Click done to close the skill linking success message.
  4. Once skill is enabled and connected, a page asking if you’d like to discover devices should pop up. Click “Discover devices.” If this page does not pop up or you would prefer to use voice control, you may also say “Alexa, Discover Devices”. Echo will then discover the devices which have already been connected to the CE Smart App and they will be displayed in a list.
  5. You can now control your smart devices through Echo—ensure you are calling the devices what you’ve named them in the CE Smart App when asking Alexa to control them. For example, “Alexa turn on kitchen lamp

Note: Every time you change the device’s name on the app, Echo must re-discover before you can control them.