Yes, there are two methods as to how to control your smart devices on other phones/tablets at the same time: 

  1.  Device(s) can be controlled on a separate phone/tablet by logging into your account on a second phone/tablet (multiple log-ins are allowed)
  2.  Device(s) can be controlled on a separate phone/tablet by means of device sharing. There are two options, explained below. Note: Device Sharing requires at least two registered CE Smart App accounts.

Device Sharing Options:

If you’d like to share only certain device(s) with another app user:
  • From the “Home” tab, click on the device you'd like to share, tap the pencil icon top right, click “Share Device” then “Add Sharing” at bottom. Enter the CE Smart app account username of the user you’d like to share the specific device with, then tap “done." 
  • Repeat this for any additional devices you'd like to share. 

If you'd like to share all connected devices with another app user: 
  • In the CE Smart App, click on the “Profile” icon on the bottom panel, then “Home Management." Tap[ to open the Home profile you have created, and then click on “Add Member”.  
  • Fill in their name and CE Smart username (email or phone number) in the "Account" Field. 

If you choose to set the user as an administrator, they will be able to add/remove devices to that Home as well as have the ability to create groups, scenes, and automations with any shared devices. 

When you share your entire Home, any new devices added to that Home will automatically be shared with all Home Members. 

After you share your home, the other user will need to log in to their account and accept the "home" sharing invitation
  • To accept the home sharing invitation: On the shared user's account, from the "Home" tab on the bottom left panel, click the drop down (upper left corner). Select the Home name that displays "Waiting to Join."
  • To switch between "homes", tap the drop down again. 

You can watch a video for how to do this here. Begin at ~6:10 for device sharing steps. (Steps are the same even if you have a different smart device type)