First, please ensure you have connected your device through the CE Smart app and have enabled the CE Smart Skill. If you need assistance with these steps, please visit the applicable FAQ.

If you are having issues with voice commands, please ensure that you are referring to your device as it is named within the CE Smart App. If the device was named “kitchen lamp 1” you will need to call the device “kitchen lamp 1” when speaking to the Google Assistant. For example, “Hey Google, turn off kitchen lamp 1”

If you are having other issues or issues beyond this, our first recommendation would be to try un-linking the CE Smart Skill on the Google Home App, rebooting the Google Assistant Device, and then re-linking the skill. The steps are described below: 

In the Google Home App: 

  • Tap Home (bottom left)
  • Tap "+" sign (add)
  • Click Set up Device
  • Click “Have something already set up?” under “works with Google”
  • Tap (or search for) the "CE Smart” skill and tap "unlink account

Once skill is un-linked, please reboot your Google Assistant Device; this does not remove any settings, it just simply restarts the device.

In the Google Home App: 

  • Tap your Google Assistant Device from the Home tab 
  • Tap the settings wheel in top right corner
  • Then tap the "..." in top right corner of the settings page
  • Tap Reboot and Confirm
  • Give your device a few minutes to reboot. It will chime when completed. 

Next, follow the below steps to re-enable the CE Smart skill.

In Google Home App: 

  • Tap Home (bottom left)
  • Tap "+" sign (add)
  • Tap Set up Device
  • Click “Have something already set up?” under “works with Google”
  • Search for “CE Smart” skill and link/enable. Ensure you are entering your correct CE Smart App credentials when prompted, and authorize. Go through the steps to re-add devices to your Home/Room location in the Google Home App.

Ensure your devices are now shown on the Home tab of Google Home App. If everything looks OK, try using a voice command to test if the issue is resolved. Ensure you are calling the devices what they are named in the CE Smart App. 

 If voice commands are still failing, please try removing the device from the CE Smart App and reconnecting: 

  • Ensure before removing your device that you are connected to your 2.4GHz WiFi on your phone/tablet with the CE Smart App
  • Open CE Smart App and click on device to be removed
  • Click on the “edit” pencil icon on the top right
  • Scroll down and click "Remove Device"
  • The LED indicator on the device will begin rapidly flashing.
  • As soon as the LED is flashing, within CE Smart App, click add device and follow the steps to re-connect.

If you've completed the above steps and the issue persists, please contact us.