If you are experiencing an issue where your LA-WF3 Smart Plug is connected to the app, can click On/Off, but does not power the appliance plugged in, please check to see if you may have overloaded the plug. 

Our LA-WF3 Smart Plugs have a max line current of 10amps. They are rated for use with up to 1250W and 125VAC. 

If products with higher than 10 amps are plugged in, an internal fuse inside the plug is flipped, and the plug will stop working and stop sending power as a safety precaution. 

To see if you may have overloaded your Smart Plug, double check your appliance’s specifications (typically can be found on a cord/tag or in the instruction manual).

You can calculate amperage by Watts (W) / Volts (VAC).

The LA-WF3 Smart Plug’s specifications are below:

Please reference the instruction manual for more information.

If you did not have a device or appliance plugged in to the Smart Plug greater than 10amps, and you are still experiencing this issue, please contact us.