The LA-WF3 CE Smart Plug is not compatible with dehumidifiers. This is due to the AC motor in dehumidifiers that can draw up to 3 times the line current upon start up.

We do not suggest using the LA-WF3 Smart Plug with your dehumidifier unless it is rated below 3A. Please reference the cord tag of your appliance or the instruction manual to check the amperage specifications of the dehumidifier.

Our LA-WF3 Smart Plug's have a max line current of 10 amps (and 1250W), therefore if the running amps for a dehumidifier is 5A, upon startup, the 5 amp rated dehumidifier will almost always draw over 10 amps.

When this happens, the Smart Plug gets overpowered. This, in turn, causes an internal fuse to flip, which stops the Smart Plug from working and sending power out for safety purposes.

The LA-WF3 Smart Plug’s specifications are below:


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