Once a device is added to the CE Smart App, click on your device from the “Home” tab which will open the device control page.  Next, select the "timer" function and add schedule as desired. 

How to Add/Edit Schedules (per device): 

-Click on your device in the CE Smart Home App

-Click "Timer"

-Click "Add Schedule" and schedule desired times

-Click "Repeat" to Choose Specific Days of the Week

Important Notes:

  • You will need to set separate schedules for each ON and OFF timer that you want per device.
  • Ensure that for each ON schedule set you have an OFF schedule set. 
  • Click “repeat” to set specified days the schedule occurs; ensure repeat days correlate in ON and OFF schedules.
  • Tap "Execution Notification" to receive a notification each time the schedule is activated (CE Smart V 2.6.5 and later)
    • Execution Notification can be helpful when traveling to ensure your set timer is being activated. 
  • Set schedules will activate at the specified time, in the time zone the devices were configured in 
    • i.e., Regardless of your current location/time zone, if you set an ON timer for 10am, the device will turn ON at 10am in the time zone the device was configured. 

You may also use Smart Automation, located in the "Smart" center tab of the App, to create and set schedules with more advanced options.