To set up a schedule for your Smart Dimmer Switch, click into the Smart Dimmer from the "Home" tab of the CE Smart App, and tap “timer”. Here, create separate timers for each desired “on” and “off” schedule

When you are setting a schedule for the Smart Dimmer, you can also select the brightness you'd like the switch to activate to.  See below* if you have questions about the "off" schedule brightness setting. 

Begin by setting the “on” schedule:

  • Tap “add” and select the time you want the dimmer to turn on. 
  • Tap “repeat” to set up days of the week. 
    • The schedule will perform only once if no repeat days are selected. 
  • Select your desired brightness level, and confirm that “on” is displayed next to “switch”. 
  • Review your “on” schedule settings, then, tap “save.”  

Next, tap “add schedule” to set up the corresponding “off” schedule:

  • Select the time you want the dimmer to turn off, and tap “switch” to select “off”. 
  • Remember, any repeat days must match the “on” schedule for proper on/off execution
  • Review your “off” schedule settings, and, tap “save.”   

*The brightness setting for the "off" schedule refers to the brightness that the dimmer switch will activate to the next time it is turned on outside of a set schedule or scheduled task. (i.e., by manually pressing the the paddle button, by clicking the power button icon in the app, or with a voice command.) (However, if you are using a voice command, you can state the brightness % in your voice command as well. Example "Alexa turn on the Kitchen Dimmer at 75% brightness.")

See the below example for further clarity: 

  • The switch turns on via a scheduled timer at 7 pm / 80% brightness 
  • The switch turns off via a set timer at 11 pm
    • Let's say at 11 pm the 'off' schedule brightness is set to 1%. This means the next time you turn the switch on via pushing the paddle button on the dimmer, the switch will activate at 1% brightness.
  • The Dimmer Switch always turns on at the brightness level it was last set to when turned off. The only exception to this is when you have a scheduled task (timer, automation, scene) that instructs the dimmer to turn on at another specified brightness.
  • Therefore, if you plan to manually control the switch (by pushing the dimmer's paddle button), we recommend setting the "off" schedule brightness at the percentage you'd like the switch to activate to when turned on next. 

Contact us with any additional questions!