Unfortunately, there is currently no option to modify your username within your CE Smart App account, and we do not have access to make any changes to account information.

If you need to modify your username, we recommend creating a new account with your updated email address and simply transferring your "Home" ownership to your new account.
Please follow the steps below to to create a new account and transfer the "Home" ownership:
  1. The easiest way is to use two mobile-devices (phones or tablets). Install the CE Smart App on both devices. If you do not have two mobile-devices available, follow the same steps below signing in and out when necessary to each account.
  2. On device 1, sign in to your current/old account; on device 2, register for a new account using your updated email address. 
  3. Then, on device 1 (your old account), tap "profile," "home management," and select the name of your "Home."
  4. Once in the "Home settings" page, tap "add member."
  5. Complete this page to add your new user account to your "Home" - Enter your name, and your updated email address username in the "account" field. 
  6. Tap to turn on the "Set as administrator" option, then, click "done" in the top right corner.
  7. The new account will display "waiting to join" next to it from the "home settings" page after clicking done on device 1.
  8. Once you have added your new account as a "home" member, open the CE Smart App on device 2 (or log in to your newly created account).
  9. In your new account, tap "profile," "home management" and select the "home" that displays "waiting to join"; accept the invitation.
  10. Once the invitation is accepted, go back to device1 (or log in to your old account again), go back to "home management" and click into your "Home" name again.
  11. Tap "transfer home ownership." Select your new account and confirm to transfer the "home" ownership to your new account with the updated email/phone number username.
  12. On device 2 (or new account login), tap the home tab (along the bottom panel). If you do not see your devices displayed, tap the drop down in the top left corner, and select the name of your home.
Once transferred, you can use your new account in the same way. Device names will remain, and any schedules, scenes or automation (within the "Smart" tab) will remain as well. You can add new devices, new settings, etc., as well, as normal.
Once complete, you can deactivate your old account if you'd like. To do this, login to your old account, tap the "profile" tab, then your name/username along the top. Tap "account and security" then "deactivate account" and confirm. The account will be permanently deactivated 7 days later as long as you do not log back into it prior. Deactivating the old account will not affect your new account because your new account is now set as the "Home owner."
Please contact us if you have further questions.