The CE Smart App update 2.6.8 allows for account username modification. Follow these steps below if your email address has changed or you'd like to modify your account username: 

  1. Open the CE Smart App and tap the Profile tab. 
  2. Tap the Settings Hexagon top right
  3. Tap Account and Security. 
  4. Tap your Email Address. 
  5. Tap Change Email.
  6. Enter your CE Smart App password (or tap forgot password and follow the steps to reset) then tap Next. 
  7. Enter your new/updated email address you'd like to modify your CE Smart App username to, and tap Get Verification Code. 
  8. Visit your email inbox for the Verification code then enter it in CE Smart. 
  9. Your email address is successfully updated. 

You will now login to CE Smart (and link 3rd party services) using your updated email address, which is now your new CE Smart app username. Continue using your same login password.

If you have previously linked the CE Smart Skill (Alexa) or Action (Google Home) with your old username, the connection will update automatically to bind with your updated CE Smart App credentials. There is no need to relink the skill or action and Alexa and Google Home function will be uninterrupted. 

Please contact us if you have further questions.