After a power outage, all of our Smart Devices are designed to reconnect to Wi-Fi in the OFF position. This means that any Smart Devices turned ON before the power outage, will be OFF. 

When a household's power is restored, many items and appliances are restarting; it is a general recommendation that any devices/appliances powered ON before the outage, be turned OFF so that there is not a large power surge when all items come back on at the same time. If this occurs, your devices and appliances can be damaged; we have this setting in place to protect the device and appliance. 

If you are concerned about a power outage causing a disturbance to your timer/schedule that you have set when you're away from home, we recommend checking with your electric company to see if they have power outage/restore notifications. After you receive notice the power is restored, you can visit the CE Smart app to turn back on any devices/lights that you had scheduled to be on. The timer will resume as normal for the next scheduled event.