Flickering lights or buzzing is not normal. Please check to ensure the switch is wired correctly, installed with all four wires (Hot, Neutral, Load and Ground) in a single pole configuration (one Switch controlling one Light Fixture). The Smart Dimmers are not compatible with 3 or 4 way switches or for use with a ceiling fan, and will not function correctly if installed. 

Please also note, you must be using dimmable light bulbs, and the maximum wattage (for LEDs) per switch is 150W. Please see below or reference the instruction manual for detailed specifications of the Dimmer Switch.

If all of the above are confirmed, and issues still persist, it is possible your bulbs are not compatible. We suggest trying out a different bulb to see if this helps solve the flickering or buzzing. 

Please contact us directly, if wiring and specifications are confirmed correct, and you continue to experience this issue.