When you create a Smart Automation, you are creating a device setting that will be triggered by certain conditions, such as a preset schedule, weather conditions, including sunrise and sunset, the status of another smart device, etc. When the set conditions are met, the automation is triggered and the preset device response is executed.

  1.  In the CE Smart App, click the “Smart” tab in the center of the bottom panel, then tap “Automation” on the top of your screen (it will be bold when selected)
  2.  Click “+” in the top right
  3. Next you will choose what you would like to be the trigger condition for the automation. 
    • When “Any condition is met” is selected, the automation will trigger if any condition within the setting is satisfied. 
    • When “All conditions are met” is selected, the automation will only trigger if every condition within your setting is satisfied.

Default is set to when “Any condition is met”. To change this, this click on the wording “Any condition is met” and select desired condition option.

The Smart Automation may be set using just one condition or with up to all 6 conditions set.

To add a condition, click the “+” sign next to condition queue. You can add multiple conditions by clicking the plus sign again after adding the first. When setting a condition, ensure that you are clicking “current city” and the approximate location of your device is selected.  

Condition Options:

  • Temperature - Set the automation to trigger when temperature is less than, equal to or greater than chosen temperature.
  • Humidity - Set the automation to trigger when the humidity level is comfortable, dry or high.
  • Weather - Set the automation to trigger when the weather is hazy, overcast, rainy, snowy or sunny.
  • Sunrise and sunset - Set the automation to trigger when the sun rises or sets in your device’s selected location.
  • Schedule - Set the automation to trigger at a certain time. Click repeat to choose which days you want the Automation to execute. If you only want the schedule to run once, don’t select repeat and it will run only one time.
  • Device - Set the automation to trigger by the status of another device. Can trigger the automation when another device is turned on or off. Can trigger the automation when Smart dimmer switch’s brightness level is less than, equal or greater than a selected percentage.

4.  After you’ve selected your condition(s), Click the “+” next to “carry out the following actions”

5.  Here you can choose either of the below options: 

-> execute a preset scene when the automation is triggered

-> control one (or multiple) selected smart devices when automation is triggered

6.  To execute a preset scene, click “execute scene”

7.  To control individually selected device(s), click on your device in the list. Choose “switch” to turn ON or OFF or select desired brightness level if using a Smart Dimmer.=

8. Continue to tap “+” until all device settings you’d like are listed.

*Note: for Smart Dimmer switches, you will need to set one condition for “Switch” (on/off) and another condition for “Bright” (0-100%).

If you would like your automation to only execute if a condition is satisfied within a certain time range, you can do so by clicking “Valid Time Period.” Default is set to execute the automation if condition is satisfied at any time within the 24-hour day.