Yes, you can add delay(s) to your Smart Automation so the actions are executed x-amount of time after the preset conditions are satisfied. When the condition(s) are satisfied, the automated action(s) will be executed in the order they are set (the order they are displayed when clicking into the Smart Automation). 

For example: At Sunset, you want the entry lamp to turn on; 15 minutes later, you then want the kitchen lamp to turn on. 

The procedure for this example would be created by following these steps when creating a Smart Automation:

  • Tap the 'Smart' tab in the CE Smart App
  • Tap 'Automation' along the top panel
  • Click the "+" in the upper right corner to add a new automation. 
  • Tap "+" next to "any condition is met" 
  • Select sunset/sunrise
  • Tap 'Current City' and ensure the plug's approximate location is shown. Tap OK. 
  • Tap 'Sunset' and click next
  • Tap “+” next to “carry out the following actions”
  • Tap Device and select “Entry Lamp" > Switch: ON
  • Tap “+” again
  • Tap “Time-Lapse” to delay the automation. Set to 15 minutes and click next. 
  • Tap “+” again, then "Device" and select the “Kitchen Lamp" > Switch ON

A delay may be added anywhere within an automation, but cannot be the last action added as there will be nothing to delay.

To change the order of your automation actions or delay, press and hold or swipe left and click "more." Tap and hold on the three lines to reorder the automated actions and/or time-lapse.