If you have a dual band network that also includes a 5GHz signal, please ensure that you are choosing to connect to only your 2.4GHz network. 5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported. If the dual band networks do not have separate SSIDs (network names) or if connection is still failing, please attempt connection in AP mode. 

Please follow the steps below to attempt AP mode connection:

-First, start with the same normal connection steps to get the outlet’s left LED rapidly flashing: Press and hold the power button (in the middle of the outlet) until the left LED light turns on and begins rapidly flashing, about 10 seconds

-Once the left LED is rapidly flashing (3x per second), press and hold the power button for another 10 seconds and release once you see the left LED indicator begin to slowly flash (1x every 3 seconds).

-Once the LED is slowly flashing, open the CE Smart App, click add device, click outlets/plugs, then in the top right corner select AP Mode. Confirm the indicator is slowly blinking. Enter your 2.4Ghz WiFi password (case sensitive) and confirm.

-A pop up message will appear, click 'connect now.' You will be brought to your settings, open WiFi Settings and search for "SmartLife-xxxx" and select.

- Once connected to the SmartLife-xxxx WiFi, go back to the CE Smart App and connection should begin.

If connection is still failing in AP mode:

If you have access to another device, try downloading the CE Smart App and attempting connection again on alternate device. (Once CE Smart App is downloaded, you can sign in to your same account on the other device; if connection succeeds, you can sign out; once you sign back in on your phone, the devices will be listed.) Sometimes certain devices have settings that do not allow for connection to succeed, so we recommend trying on another device if available.

If connection still fails, please contact us and include:

Make/model of your phone/tablet that you are attempting to install the devices on

Make/model of your Router and your Internet Service Provider