The 2.6.2 CE Smart App Update introduced Siri Shortcuts. Siri Shortcuts allows you to use Siri to voice control Scenes created in the CE Smart App. 

To use the Siri Shortcuts function, you must have an iOS device with iOS version 12.0 or above. 

Integration with Siri Shortcuts introduced the ability to use Siri to Voice Control your desired device function(s) by creating a scene that includes and executes those desired device function(s). Once the scene is set up in the CE Smart App and you tap “add to siri” and set up a phrase for use with Siri Shortcuts, you can use that shortcut phrase to voice control your Smart Home with Siri. Once a phrase is set, anytime it is said to Siri, the scene’s device functions will be executed.

The operation for using Siri Shortcuts to control Smart Devices is as follows: 

  1.  Within the CE Smart App, click “Smart” and ensure “Scene” is bolded/selected along the top panel. 
  2.  Select or Create a Scene you’d like to use Siri Shortcuts Voice Control
    1. If you have already created the scene that you wish to use Siri Voice Control with, look to step 3. 
    2. If you have not created a Scene, Click “+” or Add Scene, click the “+” next to “Carry out the following actions” and add actions to be executed when the Scene is turned on. Tap Edit name to create a name for your scene. Click Save. If you’d like additional assistance on creating a Scene, please visit the applicable FAQ. 
  3.  Under the “Scene” section of Smart on an iOS 12.0 or above device, you will see an “add to siri” button on the lower right of the screen. Tap the “add to siri” button.
    1. After tapping the “add to siri” button, you will see a page listed with all of the Scenes you’ve created; the “add to siri” button is displayed next to any Scene that has not yet been set up for Voice Control with Siri. 
  4.  Tap the Scene you want to set up a Siri Voice Control Shortcut for, then type in a personalized Shortcut phrase. When this phrase is said to Siri, Siri will recognize the phrase and execute the Scene. 
  5.  Example: saying “Hey Siri, I’m Sleeping” will execute the Scene (for this example, the “I’m Sleeping” Scene turns off all devices).
  6. Tap "Add to Siri" to complete. 
  7. Activate the Scene/Siri Shortcut by saying the predetermined Siri Shortcut phrase to Siri