There are two CE Smart Home dimmer switch models, the Single-Pole Dimmer Switch (model WF500D) and the 3-Way Dimmer Switch (model CWF500D-3W). 

It is important to know which switch that you have as the compatibility, reset and pairing mode processes differ per model. 

  • The 3-way dimmer can be installed in both 3-way and single-pole circuits. 
  • The single-pole dimmer can only be installed in single-pole circuit, and is not compatible in a 3-way. 

If you aren't sure, you can check by looking to the left of the air-gap switch. On the 3-way dimmer model, there is a small engraved Wi-Fi symbol located to the left of the air-gap switch. This symbol is what differentiates the 3-way dimmer from the single-pole model. 

The 3-way dimmer always has a pin-hole reset button which is located to the right side of the lower paddle button.  

Of course, the 3-way dimmer also has an extra terminal for the traveler wire. 

Please see the below photo for reference (3-way model CWF500D-3W below):