Please follow the below steps (per device within the group) to remove and reconnect the devices within this group:

  • First, ensure you are close by your devices and connected to your 2.4GHz network on your phone/tablet with the CE Smart App.
  • Click on device within the app, click the “edit” pencil icon on the top right, then scroll down and click "Remove Device" then “Confirm”.  This will initiate the LED on the device to begin rapidly flashing.
  • Once LED is flashing, click add device in CE Smart app and follow the steps to re-connect.
  • Repeat these steps until all devices are re-added. The group should now be removed.
  • Once all devices are reconnected, the group may be recreated.

We also recommend checking to ensure firmware is up to date:

  • Click on device, click the pencil “edit” icon in the top right corner, click “check for firmware upgrades” and ensure you have the latest update.