Please first check to ensure the switch is wired correctly, installed with all four wires (Hot, Neutral, Load and Ground) in a single pole configuration (one switch controlling one light fixture). The Smart Dimmers are not compatible with 3 or 4 way switches or ceiling fans, and will not function correctly if installed. 

Please also note, you must be using dimmable light bulbs, and the maximum wattage (for LEDs) per switch is 150W. Please see below or reference the instruction manual for detailed specifications of the Dimmer Switch.

If all of the above are confirmed, and issues still persist, the bulbs may not be compatible with the Smart Dimmer. 

WiFi switches require a neutral wire, which allows power to reach the switch when "off" in order to respond to WiFi commands; because of this, there is always a very small current accessing the switch when powered off. Some bulbs will not function properly with a neutral wire, and because of the ghost current, will continue to stay dimly lit even when the switch is off.

The Air-Gap switch cuts off power to the neutral wire; if turning the air-gap switch off (to the left) turns off the dimly lit lights, the issue is likely the light bulbs compatibility. 

We have noted some Luminus brand bulbs that do not function correctly in our dimmer.  We hope to make the dimmer compatible with as many brands and types of bulbs as possible, but unfortunately not all bulbs function the same way, which can result in bulbs remaining dimly lit when "off" via the app. We apologize if the bulbs you are using are not compatible with the Smart Dimmer, but would encourage you to try out alternative bulbs to get your dimmer properly working.  

Please contact us if you'd like to inform us of a bulb type that is experiencing this issue or with any additional questions.